All About Pumpkins



This class was written in a way that it can easily be used for both Pre-K AND Kindergarten classes!

We have provided enough material to fill 3 hours of time in effort to serve the various structures of co-ops who use our material. If you have a shorter class block you can easily adjust the lesson to fit your time by removing certain things or spreading this one lesson plan out over 2 or 3 class days. For example, if you are only an hour long you may not need a snack and can eliminate the Let’s Eat! category. If you have longer than 3 hours to fill, feel free to have more independent free play scheduled through the day or use some of our Let’s Learn More! section to expand on learning.

We strongly believe in the importance of children having books read aloud to them. While we have links to the books for you to preview the stories, please try your best to reserve a physical
copy of the book from your local library and read it to them, taking your time to show them the pictures. We have included additional book options in the Let’s Learn More! section at the end of
the lesson. If you cannot get a certain book from the library feel free to substitute one of those books to read to your class.

Class Rhythm: Please note the categories are written to flow into each other, however, it is not required to teach them in any specific order. Use them in order that best fits your time within the classroom and accessibility to things such as a gym, outside space, and even sinks to wash hands. For example, if you have gym time in the middle of your day then you would want “Let’s Move” to coincide with that time. If you are doing a project like painting that will require drying time then do that early. The important thing is to keep young students engaged by not having them sit still too long. Remember to leave plenty of time for independent free play as well, especially the first 5 minutes of class – some small children need time to adjust after their parent leaves! PlayDoh and sensory bins have especially been a great asset in our Pre-K class to keep them engaged.


Teacher Prep/Materials List
Let’s Learn!
Let’s Read!
Let’s Do!
Let’s Eat!
Let’s Listen!
Let’s Create!
Let’s Move!
Let’s Learn More!

Worksheets Included:

The Letter P
Let’s Move – pumpkin song with actions
Hands-On Pumpkins
Parts of a Pumpkin
Life Cycle of a Pumpkin
Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe to send home
Pumpkin Coloring Sheet
3D Pumpkin Art Project
Counting Seeds
Pumpkin 10-Frame
Pumpkin Match
Five Senses of a Pumpkin
Experiment: Sink or Float



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