Exploring Science: Fingerprints



The Exploring Science lessons are designed to take science concepts and provide a hands-on approach to better engage your students.

Each lesson presents information on a science topic then allows them to put that new knowledge to use in a fun way. This lesson also includes optional printables and worksheets in order for students to gain a better understanding of a topic. This
class is designed for a lower elementary age group, but can easily be adapted for an older group with the extension activities listed in the “Let’s Learn More” Section.

Lessons should take approximately 1 hour, including the activity, however you may break them into smaller lessons if needed, or use the extension activities to fill additional time.

This lesson focuses on: Fingerprints

Summary: Students learn about the individuality of fingerprints and investigate the different types of fingerprints.  They further explore fingerprints by discovering their own type of fingerprints, as well as play a game to identify the prints of others.

Each lesson is formatted into the following sections:

Materials: At the beginning of each lesson is a checklist of materials. Please read the lesson in its entirety to ensure that you purchase the correct materials and quantities for your class.

Teacher Prep: This section has a checklist of items for teachers to complete prior to class. This may include printing worksheets or preparing classroom activities.

Let’s Learn: The Let’s Learn section is the main part of your lesson. This is where you will find the information to teach your students. It is written so you can simply read the “lecture” straight from the page. Also included directly in the lesson are discussion questions to make the lesson more interactive for your class.

Let’s Do: The Let’s Do section is the part of the lesson where students get to interact and get hands-on! We have created a variety of projects to help students connect with what they are learning. Please make sure you read all the instructions for the activities prior to class.

Let’s Wrap It Up: This is a short section at the end of each lesson that includes discussion questions to review what the students have covered that day. It may also include instructions for specific projects as needed.

Let’s Learn More: This last section is a list of additional resources, such as books, videos, food suggestions, and/or extension activities for each lesson.

We hope you enjoy going Exploring Science with us!

Downloads included in this purchase:

  • Teacher’s Lesson, broken down as detailed above.
  • Fingerprints Lab Sheet
  • Student Review Worksheet


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