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Valentine’s Day – sweet or sour??

Valentine’s Day: the cards, the candies, the cutesy. As homeschoolers, we may be exempt from the Pinterest-fueled Valentine’s frenzy that we hear about in public schools, but many still like to celebrate this fun holiday. How did this day become associated with cards, candy, and love?  

The history of Valentine’s Day is kind of cloudy, and no one can pinpoint the exact start.  February was long celebrated as a month of love, and Valentine’s Day itself is full of both Catholic and ancient Roman traditions. I’ve discovered there are actually three different Saint Valentines recognized by the Catholic Church. However, one of the Valentines who was martyred supposedly wrote a letter to a girl he fell in love with before being killed, signing it: “from your Valentine.”

St. Valentine’s Day was officially declared a holiday at the end of the 5th century by Pope Gelasius. It was allegedly chosen to be celebrated on February 14 to overshadow a pagan festival held the next day. The pagan festival was one celebrating fertility and agriculture. So, the hope was St. Valentine’s Day would shift the focus away from that. However, February 14th did not become associated with love until the Middle Ages.

No matter the actual start, Valentine’s has meant different things to different people over the years, and the focus has been mostly on love. However, in the Victorian Era, starting in the 1840’s, people began celebrating Valentine’s Day in a different way. Due to the increase in printing and an improved postal service, mail became accessible for many more people. During this time the anonymous “Vinegar Valentines” became a popular trend, and continued to be popular for another 100 years. Below are a few of these nastygrams I’d like to showcase today.

Vinegar Valentines

Why do they call you a nasty old cat,

And say many things a deal ruder than that,

Tis from envy perhaps of your manifold graces,

Now would it not please you to claw well their faces.

And then there is the “Old Maid” and “A Professional Scandal Monger” …

Don’t worry, the men were not excused from these Vinegar Valentines either...

This last Vinegar Valentine hits a little close to home for me …. any other homeschool moms feel this way sometimes? 😂

Pray do you ever mend your clothes,

Or comb your hair? Well, I suppose

You’ve got no time, for people say,

You’re reading novels all the day.

So as you can see… Vinegar Valentines could be quite SOUR! Have you heard of Vinegar Valentines before? If so, what is your favorite? Share below!

We hope you have a very SWEET Valentine’s Day and don’t receive any Vinegar Valentines! ❤️

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