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12 Resolutions for the New Year!

Every year as a kid, I would make a long list of things I wanted to change, or accomplish, in the coming year. However, as an adult I had found that the making of “resolutions” no longer served a lasting purpose in my life and I let the tradition go. I didn’t like making a list that I knew I wouldn’t fully be able to follow through. Those years of writing “get healthy” without action steps in place to get there? No more. Now I much prefer to take action and change things as I see them so I can work on one new skill or habit at a time. That’s why for 2022:

I resolve this year to simply become the best version of me.

So how will I do that? By taking small steps towards the changes I want to see in my life, building on them to create habits. 2020 rocked our world and showed us that things can and DO change, sometimes more quickly than we wanted. We need to be willing to change and grow, too. And some things in life matter WAY more than others! That is why I have compiled this list of 12 actionable “resolutions” that you may want to consider as we continue to move forward and create the lives we want for ourselves. Little changes repeated consistently in your life will create habits, which will result in true change. Let’s take a look:

12 Resolutions for 2022

  1. Reach out to at least one friend a month to connect. Don’t wait for them to connect with you. Remember that everyone has been somehow isolated for the past two years and connection has been more difficult for some people than others. Loneliness can lead to depression which can cause even further isolation from others. Take time to reach out to people and make connections, whether staying virtual or going for a walk together outside.
  2. Get consistent exercise – not to “look hot” but so your future self will thank you for a functional, healthy body as you age!
  3. Turn off social media and phone notifications that aren’t necessary. Be in charge of when and what you check rather than being at the beck and call of technology.
  4. Read more books! Many people only scroll social media these days. Reading books can reduce stress, is good for strengthening your brain, and builds concentration skills, all which helps you as you age.
  5. Embrace positive thinking and look for some good in each day. When you are actively looking for good, you are training your brain to look for the positive. If this is difficult for you, try starting a small gratitude journal so you can think back on your day for things you may not have seen in the moment.
  6. Let go of things that no longer serve you. There is no need to hold onto STUFF that brings you down and doesn’t have a purpose in your life. Maybe it’s physical clutter around your home, or social media accounts that suck you in for hours a day, or hateful people in your life, or unattainable expectations you’ve put on yourself. Stop to evaluate if these things that have been weighing on you are worth the time you are giving them. Sometimes things are meant to only be in your life for a season and it’s up to you to say goodbye.
  7. If you don’t already take vitamins, start now! Research what supplements your body may need to support a healthy immune system.
  8. Learn a new skill. If 2020 taught us anything, it was that we need to be willing to change and adapt. Learn a new skill that will improve your life and keep your brain sharp.
  9. Unplug from technology and get outside! Even if just for a 10 minutes a day, it is so good to clear your mind, breath in fresh air, and get some sunlight on your skin to allow your body to create Vitamin D.
  10. Understand it’s okay (and often good) to learn to say NO! Know your personal boundaries/limits. This frees you to say YES without guilt or pressure when you can!
  11. Speak life and encouragement to others. This can be as simple as giving a compliment to someone to brighten their day. Making others feel good does good for YOU, too!
  12. Remind yourself of your hopes and dreams. Life doesn’t wait. It’s up to YOU to decide how your story goes.

Which of these will you try to implement this year? Do you have something else on your list we should add to ours? We want to hear about it!

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