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Cooking 101 lessons are designed to help you confidently teach kids how to create and get comfortable in the kitchen. We suggest you start with Lesson 1 and progress in order, as new skills are taught and built upon each week.  However, use your judgement!

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The Cooking 101 series is designed as an introduction to working in the kitchen. This means the recipes are simple, yet delicious, and the focus is on learning skills they will continue to build upon for a lifetime! These have been tested and approved by groups of students, but you can easily use these at home with just 1 child.

Lessons include a detailed supplies list, including the kitchen supplies needed. Each lesson should take about 1 hour, however, you want to be able to eat your creations at the end, so be sure to keep an eye on the clock and adjust as needed. The biggest suggestion is to make sure students read the recipe clearly and let them do the work, including the dishes! Learning to properly clean their mess is a very important part of working in the kitchen.

Each lesson is formatted in the following sections:

  • Ingredients: The list of ingredients that will be needed for each recipe. Use this as a quick checklist to make sure you bring all the supplies needed the day of class.
  • Supplies: The kitchen tools and supplies needed to make your recipe. Some items can be shared, like an oven or measuring spoons, others will need to be provided for each recipe. This is designed to be a quick checklist to make sure you bring all things needed for each class.
  • Tips and Tricks: These are for the teacher to read prior to class. They include tips and tricks we’ve learned from making these recipes with students.
  • Let’s Talk: This section is the lesson portion of your cooking class. You can literally read it to them word-for-word, or can use it just for talking points and helpful things that students need to know before cooking begins.
  • Let’s Cook: This is your recipe with all the helpful tips and teacher’s instructions included for each step. Throughout the recipe, there are teacher’s notes and instructions to give teachers detailed direction throughout the class.
  • Recipe: This is the portion that should be printed and given to students. When possible, both half sheets and whole sheet recipes are provided for you to choose which best fits your needs. Always print extra recipes for students as they are likely to get dirty during your cooking time.
  • Let’s Wrap It Up: These are talking points to review the lesson, and fill time at the end, if needed. Encourage your students to try the recipe again at home!


Lesson descriptions:

  • LESSON ONE: S’Mores Pops
    This first cooking lesson is a super simple recipe that is fun but PERFECT for discussing kitchen safety and the importance of hygiene.  Printable take-home recipe and a worksheet included that reminds them the proper way to wash their hands EVERY time they begin cooking, as well as when they get dirty or accidentally lick their fingers while cooking.
  • LESSON TWO: Fruit Parfaits
    The second cooking lesson is easy to customize and teaches a very foundational kitchen skill — KNIFE SAFETY.  Printable take-home recipe and a worksheet included that reminds them of how to be safe with knives in the kitchen and most importantly, to always ask for adult permission first!
  • LESSON THREE: Grilled Sandwiches
    Grilled cheese, grilled peanut butter and jelly, grilled chocolate marshmallow… or whatever you can dream up! The TRUE importance of this lesson is teaching STOVE SAFETY! We open the lesson by talking about the different cooking surfaces and utensils that are safe for each one, then let your student learn how to safely use the stove by cooking their sandwich.  Printable take-home recipe and a worksheet included that reminds them of how to be safe with stovetops in the kitchen and most importantly, to always ask for adult permission first!
  • LESSON FOUR: Egg Wraps
    Can you guess the skill learned in this lesson?  Cracking and cooking EGGS!  You will also review all the previous weeks taught while doing this lesson — washing hands is important after touching raw egg, stove safety, and using a knife to slice cheese or cut your egg wrap in half! We also include recipe modifications, so be sure to check your tips/tricks and teacher notes!
  • LESSON FIVE: Pancakes
    Pancakes are delicious and easy to customize with different toppings.  They are also a great way to learn about MEASURING! The lessons walks you through exactly how to explain the difference between wet and dry measuring, and the different size measurements.  Printable recipe included as well as an easy reference chart for students to remember all about measurements in the kitchen.
  • LESSON SIX: Peanut Butter Cookies
    This lesson teaches all about OVEN SAFETY, which is different than stovetop safety.  You will review previous skills learned while learning the importance of being safe while cooking with an oven.  We also discuss the importance of making sure you only make peanut butter cookies for people who are not allergic to peanuts, and offer alternatives.  Printable recipe included as well as an easy reference chart for students to remember all about stove safety.
  • LESSON SEVEN: Popcorn Balls
    This recipe is a fun way to make something that some students may have never had before. It also allows great discussion of the different ways to make popcorn and how/why to use different kitchen gadgets.  You will also discuss the benefit to making things from scratch verses buying premade at the store.  Includes printable recipe and a handout on
  • LESSON EIGHT: Mini Taco Cookies
    In this recipe, students will transform store-bought snacks into an adorable treat they’ll want to show off!  We learn a new skill of Food Presentation by carefully arranging ingredients and piping icing to make mini faux tacos, while discussing food presentation, food safety and more.
  • LESSON NINE: Éclair Cake
    This recipe allows you to dive into the different levels of homemade. You COULD make every single one of the components of this recipe completely homemade, but you will need to consider your allotted time and choose what you can do. This also equips the students with a delicious recipe they can make ahead of time to bring for family events, since it tastes even better when it sits overnight!
  • LESSON TEN: Snack Mix
    We finish out our Cooking 101 series by teaching the skill of recording ingredients and measurements you use while making up your own recipe. They will have a lifetime playing around with food and mixing flavors in the kitchen so it is important they realize the best way to make adjustments and/or recreate something they invent is by writing it down!  Includes a printable recipe and recipe tracker in both full page and a half page sizes.  We recommend printing out extras to send home because after this lesson, students LOVE creating their own recipes in their own kitchens!


We are so glad you are choosing to help your students build skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Please enjoy Cooking 101 right along with them!


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