Beyond the Book

The Beyond the Book (“BTB”) lessons are designed to go past just reading the story to look deeper at the country, culture and/or the various topics discussed within a book.

We involve a variety of ideas and an activity or project that allow each lesson to be used in multiple classes as needed, with little or no modification. Use these within your homeschool co-op, learning pod, or even just at home!

Each BTB lesson should take approximately one hour; however, this may vary depending on class size and student interests. While written with Upper Elementary in mind, these can easily be adapted for multiple ages! This is where the additional resources listed with each lesson will be useful. It allows for a deeper exploration of each topic for those students who are very interested, to accommodate for different ages/levels, or for those classes that are able to meet for longer than one hour. During this class, it is helpful to have a world map or globe available, so that students can get the sense of the geography of the county being studied. Throughout the lesson, there are teacher’s notes and instructions to guide you along the way.

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